Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuna Can Heart Bowl

This project is so beyond adorable that I cannot get over it. I saw this photo and I thought "wow that's a beautifully artistic bowl, I wonder how it was created" and then I delved deeper into the mystery to find out the shocking truth that it's merely a tuna can!!!

The steps to make this beauty are as follows:
1) Open and empty out a can of tuna, fruit or anything else that is approximately the same size
2) Clean the can out thoroughly
3) Bend the can with your fingers in the shape of a heart (make sure not to cut your fingers and smooth out any edges with sand paper)
4) Spray paint the can with a color of your choice, in this example white was used

Voila! You have a beautiful keepsake box for you to put your little trinkets and baubles!

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