Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Makeshift Hairclip

This DIY is for all the women out there who have gotten to work and realized they'd forgotten their hair clip when they needed to put their hair up and out of their faces. This is a super easy and practical thing to be able to make on the fly so stay tuned to find out the simple tips and tricks to achieving your own makeshit on-the-fly hairclip. This lets you stay away from using painful rubber bands to keep your hair up which are horrible for your hair and pull it out when you need to take it out.

You will need:
- A store card/club card you no longer need (don't use credit cards, it's not the safest thing to use, just in case you lose it)
- a pen/pencil/chopstick
- drillbit/exacto knife/hole punch

First, find an expired club card or store card of any kind (the example uses a Duane Reade Dollar Rewards Club card) or ask your coworkers for one. You can then use either a hole punch or a drill-bit or exacto knife, or really anything sharp that you can get your hands onto puncture two holes on either side of the card. Do this about one hole diameter away from the card's edge so you can have maximum endurance and the 'clip' won't break. If you have lots of hair, you should punch the holes in opposite corners of the card so that using it on the diagonal will hold more hair. Then you will need either a pen, pencil or chopstick, or really anything that will work to punch through the clip and to hold your hair in place, a ball-point pen works wonders, just make sure you use something that won't bleed ink into your hair.

Put your hair into a bun, twisting and looping it around to accommodate this type of hair clip, use one hand to hold onto your hair and the other to place the card around it, then shove a pen through both holes, making sure it passes through your hair and your card will curl around your bun, holding it snugly in place.

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