Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY: Braided Infinity Scarf

This is a nifty, new idea I came across and wanted to share with you all because it is an absolutely simple do-it-yourself project that can be customized in numerous ways! To bear the cold weather out there, make yourself this beautiful and practical braided infinity scarf. Viscose jersey works well in all seasons, however, it's light enough that you can wear it in the summer but if you build the scarf bulky enough it will keep you warm in the winter.

You will need to purchase jersey fabric (it is easiest to work with but you can try other types of fabric, especially once you get comfortable with the technique), enough so that you can braid the fabrics together and wrap them around your neck loosely and they fit over your head. You will probably need 1 yard of fabric per scarf you make because you can cut it with fabric shears or scissors lengthwise to make multiple pieces. If you want your scarf to look full and rich, you should use more fabric so that it hugs the neck luxuriously and doesn't look like it was made out of scraps.

All you do is make a small braid with some smaller segments of the fabric, a medium sized braid with middle-sized pieces and a large braid with larger chunks of the fabric. Then you want to leave one piece un-braided so that you can get that fuller look on the bottom. Sew your pieces together in a large infinity circle so that the seam comes to the back of the wearer's neck, make sure all of the pieces are attached to one another. If you add clip-on buttons at the back, you will be able to make one or all of the pieces interchangeable so that you can adjust your look anytime you want!

You can do this in multiple color combinations or fabric styles and patterns, be as creative as you like with this simple project. You'll have the most unique scarf and I can guarantee you that nobody will have its duplicate!

Here are some beautiful fabric recommendations that would make absolutely breathtaking DIY scarves! Happy crafting, everyone!

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