Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harem Royal Jewelry: Beauty as a Weapon

Jewelry Etsy shop Harem Royal owned by Screwpulous Jewelry makes some of the most interesting combination jewelry. The earrings, necklaces and pendants they've put out are absolutely phenomenal to look at, they are a juxtaposition of hard and soft, organic and metallic. The butterflies represent delicacy and beauty while the modern edge is given by the metals in the shapes of weaponry. The rough edge is for the modern girl that wants to be independent and free with a touch of sensuality and prettiness from the butterflies and wings.

All of the butterflies are real and the shop specializes in taxidermy which raises the question, would you want to wear this jewelry? I would only wear the pieces that don't actually have organic parts, but I don't think I would be okay with a deceased creepy-crawly around my neck or dangling off my ears. Beautiful though they may be, sometimes I think we go too far in our mediums. The artist could have easily just used butterfly replicas and achieved the same effect, or created them out of resin. Either way, he's a look at the collection:

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