Thursday, November 10, 2011

Manscaping: Manly eyebrow grooming

It’s important to know how to shape your eyebrows before you delve straight into it because they frame your face and you can make yourself look a lot better or worse. My pet peeve is men who over-tweeze their eyebrows and end up looking like angry women with severe arches and thinned out brows. Since men are spending more time grooming themselves nowadays and are looking to control the wild hairs and unibrow for a clean look, I decided to post this guide. Look at your brows and decide whether you want a complete redo of your brow area or if you’re just looking to control the shape slightly. If you’re looking for a dramatic change, less is more, and I’m not going to go into using hair removal waxing kits to do this (because I don’t assume you’re masochists). Most men I know want to do this with as little hassle and pain as possible so that’s how I’m going to explain it. 

Wash your brows with warm water and some soap or facial cleanser before you do anything at all because it will moisten the hair follicles and open up your pores, causing you to feel far less pain when tweezing. If you have a small pair of scissors or an electric razor you can cut hairs that don’t look like they belong.

Shape your eyebrows by using a razor and shaving cream if you have tons of unibrow hair but make sure to go slowly because these tools are large so you have a higher chance of creating errors (don’t worry, your hair will grow back faster than you want it to). I suggest attempting to use the tweezer or electric razor as you’ll get more control out of them. The inner corner of your eyebrows should start in a straight line above the left or ride end of the tip of your nose (depending on which eyebrow you’re doing). So if you want to begin tweezing your right eyebrow, you want to take a pencil and measure upwards from the right side of the tip of your nose and make sure it begins in a straight line from there.

If you’re looking to trim up your eyebrows you can brush or push your brows upwards and trim what comes up out of the regular brow shape, and do the same with the hair pointing downwards. Just be careful not to poke yourself in the eye when doing this. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make your brows look defined and not unruly.

The key here is to use your discretion, some people look good with unibrows, no I’m not talking extremely dense ones, but a little shadow of hair can be attractive, and so can thicker eyebrows on men. Usually men have thicker eyebrows to balance out larger features like noses or eyes and to look more masculine, remember that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.

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