Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alex's Rules of Accessorizing

This guide will show you how to turn a pocketful of baubles into jewelry and accessory treasures that you can mix and match with your colorful wardrobe!

Playing with scale
If you're going to wear big or dangly earrings, I suggest not pairing it up with a big necklace or belt because you don't want the jewelry to overpower you. Remember that the focal point should always be yourself and anything that you put on should only accentuate your best features rather than drown you in bling. Sometimes less is more and if you have too many pieces, they will detract attention from one another. Chunky jewelry is definitely fun so don't shy away from big, beautiful cuffs, bold earrings, or wide belts. Remember that the most important aspect of accessorizing is the overall harmony of the pieces and the way they look together and how they accentuate your outfit.

Classical is always in
You can never go wrong with signature pieces like pearl earrings or tennis bracelets, they are as antique as Audrey Hepburn's style but as fresh as anything you see today. These classic pieces are good for anytime of the day or night, including casual day-to-day or formal events. If you have something that means a lot to you, never hesitate to put it on, our accessories tell a story and if they don't reflect your personality, you've missed the point. Don't try to emulate what you see on models and in magazines, something that is trendy one day can just as quickly be untrendy the next. Stick to what you feel good in, what looks good on you, and what you're likely to reach for when you get ready!

Masculine vs. feminine
If you have a man's watch and you think it's too bulky or masculine to wear, think again! Androgynous style is very socially prevalent so you can pair your masculine watch with a couple of feminine bangles and dress it up a little. Also, don't shy away from wearing bow-tie or tie necklaces and oversized scarves, especially if it's in an uber-feminine finish like crystals or silk.

Iconic shapes
We all have necklaces with peace signs, crosses, and various other religious or political symbols. Whether it be letters of a foreign alphabet, heart and star shapes, or Hello Kitty's face plastered on your accessories, remember not to go overboard. A good rule of thumb is to try to keep it to one symbolic show-stopper piece, the way a lead performer would be, and keeping all of your other pieces that day as back-up performers.

Antique and contemporary 
Wearing older jewelry from your grandparents or acquisitions from pawn shops and thrift stores is perfectly great, especially when mixing it with new styles of jewelry. Clashes in culture and time-periods can make for beautiful combinations of accessories. As long as the styles are cohesive and not divisive together, they can be utilized in beautiful ways to amplify your look. Mixing and matching silver with bronze and various colors of gold or pewter also makes for an interesting look, but try not to combine too many kinds of metals together at once. Underneath, you can see various styles of jewelry, some antique, some contemporary, some bronze, pewter, and various shades of silver. There is a cohesiveness between these pieces and they can be mix and matched for numerous looks with teal, brown, or silver scarves/purses and metal-tone belts.

These are merely simple guidelines which aide in the mixing and matching of what we have to create interesting combinations, rather than going out and buying a designated set of accessories for each outfit (which isn't necessarily financially responsible or viable). In the end, it's a matter of personal taste and preference. Some people enjoy matching colors, and others swear against it, as long as you choose colors that are complementary, you will look coordinated, and polished!


  1. Where did you get the owl earrings. My daughter would love them

  2. From a local store called 'Trendy Wendy' but I can go see if they have more and send you some!!!


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